Frequently Asked Questions


How do I contact the Squadron?

The most effective way of contacting us is via our email address. Our email account is accessible by all our staff so you are most likely to get the appropriate response to your query. However please remember that all our staff are volunteers and have regular day jobs, therefore the email account is not permanently monitored and you may not get an response immediately, we will however make sure we get back to you as soon as possible. When emailing please make sure you include a subject, we receive a lot of emails so we need to make sure yours is seen and dealt with appropriately. Please also sign off with your name so we know who to respond to, it sounds silly but you will be surprised how many emails we received from “sent from my iPhone”


Please avoid asking questions on social media. This is not the quickest way of contacting us as our pages are not monitored permanently, we are also restricted as to what information we can post on social media for safeguarding and security reasons.


You can also phone us, our phone will only be answered during Squadron hours. It will go to answerphone at all other times, the answerphone will only be checked during normal Squadron hours so our response may be delayed.


How do I find out what activities or events are going on?

We regularly publish a forthcoming events leaflet giving details or upcoming key events. These are left at the squadron entrance, we recommend cadets take one home with them. We also display the program on a dry wipe board in the parade room. We recommend cadets take a picture of the program on their phones.

Any last minute changes to activities will be published on the Squadron social media.


What uniform will I be in for the next parade?

For the majority of parade nights the uniform will be working blue (dark blue shirts). Occasionally we will parade in a different uniform if the activity dictates. These uniform changes are normally published well in advance either on The forthcoming events leaflet or on the program board located in the parade room. Any last minute changes will be published via social media. If in doubt then attend in working blue.


Are you closed for the School Holidays?

No, definitely not. The Squadron is open all year except for Easter Weekend and a short break between Christmas and new year. Occasionally we have to shut under extreme circumstances. We try and give as much notice as possible, any last minute unexpected closure will be published on our social media.


The weather is bad, will you be open?

The safety of our cadets, staff and those traveling to and from the Squadron is paramount. In the event of extreme inclement weather such as snow, we will risk assess the situation and publish and closure via our social media.


Do you have a list of the dates you are on camp? We are trying to book a family holiday and would like to avoid clashing with a cadet camp.

With any Squadron arranged camp we try to give as much notice as possible (normally at least three months) The dates of these are published on the forthcoming events leaflet. Annual camps are normally arranged by Headquarters Air Cadets so we are governed by the information they provide. They normally give at least three months notice and we will publish the dates as soon as they have them.


I can’t attend next week, what do I do?

You will need to do what we call Book Leave, which is effectively tell us you will not be in. If you know the date well in advance then please inform an NCO who will record your future absence in our leave book. If you are going to absent for the next parade and haven’t had the opportunity to tell an NCO then please email the Squadron, remember to include the cadets full name and the reason they will be absent.

Great visit to Southend Sqn tonight, possibly one of the largest number I have seen at one Sqn in one go. Impressive!

1312 (Southend-on-Sea) Squadron ATC

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Parade Times:     Friday: 19:15 to 21:30; Sunday: 09:50 to 12:30

Officer Commanding:     Squadron Leader C Byford RAFVR(T)

Air Commodore Dawn McCafferty RAFR

Commandant Air Cadets